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Orpheum Theatre on Granville Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 7am to 10pm
2016-07-26Twitter / Film Notice
Vancouver Club on West Hastings Street (Vancouver)
2016-07-27User Submitted
Vancouver Club on West Hastings Street (Vancouver)
2016-07-28User Submitted
Templeton Street / Garden Drive / Venables Street (Vancouver)
Filming until 3am
Spotted near Plaza of Nations (Vancouver)
Savio Volpe on East 15th Avenue (Mount Pleasant, Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 8am to 1pm
2016-08-10Film Notice
Able Auctions at 1055 Vernon Drive (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 3pm to 7pm
2016-08-12Film Notice
Private residence on Drummond Drive (Vancouver)
100 Powell Street (Gastown, Vancouver)
Filming between 7am and 10pm
2016-09-06Film Notice
West Point Grey Community Centre at 2nd Ave and Northwest Marine Drive (Vancouver)
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Deer Lake Park and 6110 Price Street (Burnaby)
Filming interiors and exteriors at Shadbolt Centre from 6am to 1pm then at 6110 Price Street from 1pm to 10pm
Fable Diner on East Broadway and Noodle Box on Main Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 7am to 12pm at Fable Diner then interiors from 12pm to 3pm at Noodlebox
2016-10-17Twitter / Film Notice
North Vancouver City Hall & Andreas Restaurant (North Vancouver)
Filming at the city hall in the morning followed by the restaurant in the afternoon
Circus spotted at Plaza of Nations parking lot (Vancouver)
Not set spotted yet.
Minaty Bay, South of Britannia Beach
Off East Hastings Street between PNE and downtown (Vancouver)
Smile Diner on West Pender Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 1pm to 9pm
2017-08-15Twitter / Film Notice
Marine Drive Golf Club (Vancouver)
Cibo Restaurant on Seymour Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 12:30pm to 3:30pm
2017-09-07Twitter / Film Notice
Orpheum Theatre on Smithe Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 3:30pm to 9pm, then exteriors on Seymour Street from 9pm to 1am (next day)
2017-09-07Twitter / Film Notice
Boundary Bay Airport (Delta)
Central Park (Burnaby)
Canadian Memorial United Church on West 15th Avenue (Vancouver)
2017-09-19Twitter / User Submitted
Hotel Georgia (Vancouver)
Brix & Mortar on Homer Street (Yaletown, Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 11am to 6pm then exteriors from 7pm to 11:30pm
2017-09-21Twitter / Film Notice
Minaty Bay, South of Britannia Beach
2017-09-26User Submitted
Twelve West on Granville Street (Vancouver)
Casa Mia Mansion on Southwest Marine Drive (Vancouver)
2017-10-04User Submitted
5756 Cedarwood Street (Burnaby)
Filming exteriors from 1pm to 6pm then interiors from 6pm to 9pm
2017-10-12Twitter / Film Notice
5756 Cedarwood Street (Burnaby)
Filming interiors from 9:30am to 2:30pm
2017-10-13Twitter / Film Notice
5765 Cedarwood Street (Burnaby)
Filming interiors from 2:30pm to 10:30pm
2017-10-13Twitter / Film Notice
5765 Cedarwood Street (Burnaby)
Filming interiors and exteriors from 8am to 9pm
2017-10-16Twitter / Film Notice
330 West Pender Street (Vancouver)
2017-10-18User Submitted

Homer Street and Davie Street (Vancouver)

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