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The Crossing

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2017-03-13User Submitted
2017-03-14User Submitted
2017-03-15User Submitted
Lynn Canyon Park (North Vancouver)
Filming from 8am to 10pm
Britannia Beach
Filming in the field south of Main Street and Britannia Creek from 9am to 12am (next day)
2017-03-22Twitter / Film Notice
Britannia Beach
Filming will take place at the Britannia Post Office, and then at the School House and along Main Street from 10am to 1am (next day)
2017-03-23Twitter / Film Notice
Oceanic Plaza (Vancouver)
Steveston Village (Richmond)
Filming at Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill, 3580 Moncton Street, 2nd Avenue and Steveston Wharf from 12pm to 3am (next day)
2017-03-27Twitter / Film Notice
12200 block of No. 1 Road (Steveston, Richmond)
Filming exteriors from 8:30am to 2:30pm
2017-07-27Twitter / User Submitted
Cypress Mountain (West Vancouver)
2017-08-02User Submitted
Garry Point Park (Steveston)
Garry Point Park (Steveston)
Garry Point Park (Steveston)
2017-08-16Twitter / Film Notice
The Columbia Theatre on Columbia Street (New Westminster)
Filming exteriors from 10:30pm to 3am (next day)
2017-08-17Twitter / Film Notice
Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area
2017-08-28User Submitted / Twitter
Vancouver Art Gallery
Spotted setting up in the area
Sullivan Heights Secondary School (Surrey)
2017-09-08User Submitted
Cypress Mountain (West Vancouver)
2017-09-12User Submitted / Twitter
2017-09-18User Submitted
1500 Block Pemberton Avenue (North Vancouver)
2017-09-20User Submitted
Boundary Bay Airport (Delta)
Signs and circus spotted
2017-09-22User Submitted
Whytecliff Park (West Vancouver)
2017-09-25User Submitted
Britannia Shipyards (Steveston, Richmond)
Filming interiors and exteriors from 7:30am to 9pm
2017-09-26Twitter / Film Notice
2nd Avenue and Moncton Street (Steveston, Richmond)
Filming from 7am to 8pm
Steveston Village (Richmond)
Filming near the Fisherman’s Wharf
Belcarra Regional Park
Filming from 10:30am to 4:30pm
2017-09-29Twitter / Film Notice
Garry Point Park (Steveston)
Filming in the park from 12pm to 1am (next day)
2017-09-29Twitter / Film Notice
8800 Block Glenlyon Parkway (Burnaby)
Filming along the Urban Trail from 4pm to 6pm then on the street from 6pm to 6am (next day)
2017-10-04Twitter / Film Notice
Deacon's Corner on Main Street (Vancouver)
2017-10-18Twitter / Film Notice
Steveston Village (Richmond)
Filming between 8am and 7pm
Anvil Centre on Columbia Street (New Westminster)
Filming interiors from 2pm to 9pm
2017-10-30Twitter / Film Notice
Signs spotted near Sunset Marina (West Vancouver)
7th Avenue and 1st Street (New Westminster)
Cypress Mountain (West Vancouver)
Cypress Mountain (West Vancouver)
Vancouver Art Gallery
Burnaby Hospital
Filming interiors from 5pm to 11pm
2017-11-21Twitter / Film Notice
3800 Block Sunset Street (Burnaby)
Filming exteriors from 11pm to 1am (next day)
2017-11-21Twitter / Film Notice
7337 North Fraser Way (Burnaby)
2018-01-24Twitter / Film Notice
224th Street (Maple Ridge)
Fraser Foreshore Park (Burnaby)
Filming between 7am and 1pm
2018-01-30Twitter / Film Notice

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