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Point Grey Secondary & Private Residence on Connaught Drive (Vancouver)
Riverview Hospital (Coquitlam)
UBC (Vancouver)
Setup on Main Mall outside Koerner Library
UBC (Vancouver)
Signs spotted near Gaglardi Way and Cariboo Road (Burnaby)
No set reported yet.
Near Village Antiques Mall (Fort Langley)
Arch Alley (Gastown, Vancouver)
Filming in the alley from 7:30am to 11am
2016-04-11Film Notice
400 / 500 Block Carrall Street & Shanghai Alley (Vancouver)
Filming from 9:30am to 3pm on Carrall Street then 3pm to 8pm in Shanghai Alley
2016-04-11Film Notice
The Sutton Hotel (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 7:30am to 2pm
2016-04-12Film Notice
Hamilton Street and West Pender
500/600 Block Hamilton Street, 300 Block West Pender Street (Vancouver)
Arbutus Coffee
Filming exteriors from 7 to 12pm
2016-04-25Twitter / Film Notice
400 Block Richards Street Alley & Smile Diner 424 West Pender Street (Vancouver)
Filming in the alley from 12pm to 3pm, then the diner until 9pm
2016-04-25Twitter / Film Notice
Alsco Linens, West 4th Avenue (Vancouver)
Filming in the loading bay and interiors from 11am to 1:30am (next day)
2016-04-29Twitter / Film Notice
Arch Alley (Gastown, Vancouver)
Filming in the alley from 7:30am to 10pm
2016-05-06Film Notice
144 East 6th Avenue (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 8am to 10pm
2016-05-09Twitter / Film Notice
The Sutton Hotel (Vancouver)
218 Keefer Street Chinatown (Vancouver)
Filming exteriors from 2pm to 11pm
2016-05-10Film Notice
Signs spotted at New West Secondary School (New Westminster)
Pacific Central Station (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 9am to 5pm
2016-05-12Film Notice
1130 West Pender Street
Downtown Vancouver
Circus parked by Rogers Arena - Exact set location TBD
Beside Strathcona Community Centre, 600 Keefer Street (Chinatown, Vancouver)
144 East 6th Avenue (Vancouver)
Filming interiors and exteriors from 7am to 3pm
2016-06-20Film Notice
Century House, Richards Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 11am to 9pm
2016-06-21Film Notice
400 Block West Pender Alley, 400 Block Richards Street, McLeod's Bookstore on Pender Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors and exteriors from 9am to 9pm
2016-06-22Film Notice
Pacific Central Station (Vancouver)
Filming exteriors from 8am to 7pm
2016-06-22Film Notice
Connaught Street (Vancouver)
Crew park at Analysis on Heather Street
2016-06-23User Submitted
C & N Backpackers Hostel at 927 Main Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors and exteriors from 1pm to 9pm
2016-06-29Film Notice
Parkcrest Diner (Burnaby)
Sinclair Centre, West Hastings Street between Granville/Howe Streets (Vancouver)
Filming exteriors from 7:30am to 10:30am
2016-07-06Film Notice
The Vancouver Club on West Hastings Street (Vancouver)
Warehouse at 1010 Derwent Way (Annacis Island, New Westminster)
SuperValu at 2535 Shaughnessy St (Port Coquitlam)
Filming interiors from 12pm to 4pm
2016-07-14Twitter / Film Notice
Davie Street at Jervis Street (West End, Vancouver)
3rd Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets (New Westminster)
Filming a trolley scene from 4pm to 8pm
2016-07-21Twitter / Film Notice
Fraser Shipyards, 61 Duncan Street (Queensborough, New Westminster)
Crew park at Starlight Casino
Shaughnessy Heights United Church on West 33rd Avenue near Connaught Drive (Vancouver)
Century House, Richards Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 9am to 8pm then exteriors from9pm to 12:30am
2016-08-11Film Notice
432 Richards Street and Alley (Vancouver)
Filming from 9am to 12:30am (next day)
Hotel Georgia (Vancouver)
North Shore Winter Club on East Keith Road (North Vancouver)
Filming in the parkade from 7am to 2pm
2016-08-25Twitter / Film Notice
Century House on Richards Street & Ramada Inn on West Pender Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 8am to 2pm
2016-08-29Film Notice
Century House, Richards Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 9am to 3pm then in the adjacent alley from 3pm to 9pm
2016-09-12Film Notice
West Georgia Street (Vancouver)
2016-09-14User Submitted
Britannia Shipyard (Steveston, Richmond)
Circus at Steveston United Church
Signs spotted at Cambie Street and West 33rd Avenue (Vancouver)
300 Block Cambie Street (Vancouver)
Filming from 8am to 9pm
2017-07-05Twitter / Film Notice
Riverview Hospital (Coquitlam)
2017-07-06User Submitted
Kerrisdale (Vancouver)
Exact location not available - circus setup at Point Grey Secondary School
Kerrisdale (Vancouver)
Exact location not available
6th Street and St. George Street (New Westminster)
Riverview Hospital (Coquitlam)
102 East Pender Street (Chinatown, Vancouver,)
Spotted setting up Thursday evening, likely for Friday filming
Setup on Heather Street near West 37th Avenue (Vancouver)
2017-07-28User Submitted
CBC Building (Vancouver)
Filming interiors
2017-08-01Twitter / Film Notice
CBC Building (Vancouver)
Filming interiors
2017-08-02Twitter / Film Notice
Spanish Banks Beach Park (Vancouver)
Filming from 4pm to 9pm
2017-08-03Twitter / Film Notice
4210 Phillips Avenue (Burnaby)
Sutton Place Hotel (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 7am to 2pm
2017-08-14Twitter / Film Notice
Lost Lagoon (Stanley Park)
Filming from 2pm to 8pm
2017-08-14Twitter / Film Notice
Robson Street and Hornby Street (Vancouver)
Setup at Union Street and Jackson Street (Vancouver)
600 Block Homer Street (Vancouver)
Filming exteriors from 8am to 2pm
2017-08-17Twitter / Film Notice
Former Canada Post Building (Vancouver)
Filming interiors from 3pm to 9pm
2017-08-17Twitter / Film Notice
Signs spotted at the Canada Post Building (Vancouver)
CBC Building (Vancouver)
Signs spotted
Churchill Avenue and York Street (New Westminster)
2017-08-22User Submitted
Signs spotted near Jericho Beach (Vancouver)
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Signs spotted
200 Block Columbia Street (Vancouver)
Filming from 7am to 10pm
2017-08-28Twitter / Film Notice
200 Block Columbia Street (Vancouver)
Filming from 7am to 10pm
2017-08-29Twitter / Film Notice
Signs spotted at Quebec Street and Terminal Avenue (Vancouver)
Exact location not available
Exact location not available
Signs spotted near Vancouver International Airport (YVR) South Terminal
Queen's Park (New Westminster)
Trucks spotted on Hamilton Street near West Georgia Street (Vancouver)
Beside the CBC Building
36 West Cordova Street (Vancouver)
2017-09-29Twitter / Film Notice
Powell Street and Gore Avenue (Vancouver)
9 West Cordova Street (Vancouver)
Filming interiors between 7am and 11pm
2017-10-02Twitter / Film Notice
7111 No. 8 Road (Richmond)
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Setup near Koerner Library
The Belmont Bar on Granville Street (Vancouver)
CBC Building (Vancouver)
Filming between 7am and 11pm
2017-10-26Twitter / Film Notice
Tipperary Park (New Westminster)
2017-11-01Twitter / Film Notice
Cleveland Dam (North Vancouver)
2017-11-03Twitter / Film Notice
311 West Hastings Street Alley (Vancouver)
2017-11-08Twitter / Film Notice
12th Street and Edinburgh Street (New Westminster)
300 Block Cambie Street (Vancouver)
2017-11-15Twitter / Film Notice*
Lynn Canyon Park (North Vancouver)
Filming between 8:30am and 3pm
2017-11-16Twitter / Film Notice
Signs spotted in Horsehoe Bay (West Vancouver)
750 Pacific Boulevard (Vancouver)
Filming starts at 4pm
West Hastings Street and Burrard Street (Vancouver)
Filming exteriors from 4pm to 6am (next day)
2017-11-24Twitter / Film Notice
Mosquito Creek Marina (North Vancouver)
Filming from 4pm until sunrise Saturday morning
2017-12-01Twitter / Film Notice
Clayburn Village (Abbotsford)
Main Street and Keefer Street (Vancouver)
Main Street and Keefer Street (Vancouver)
118 Eleventh Street (New Westminster)
2018-10-25Twitter / Film Notice
45 East Pender Street (Vancouver)
2018-12-10Twitter / Film Notice
Vancouver Art Gallery
2019-01-15Twitter / Film Notice
Stanley Park (Vancouver)
2019-01-15User Submitted

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