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Below is a list of Metro Vancouver filming locations for movies and TV shows.

Locations are added based on info posted via Twitter, locations we’ve found or been made aware of. Do you know of current Metro Vancouver filming locations that aren’t listed here? Click HERE to let us know!

Today’s Filming Locations

Date Title Location / Details Source
02-19 Zoo Near Terminal Pub (New Westminster) Twitter

Upcoming Filming Locations

Date Title Location / Details Source
02-20 Zoo 9000 Block Beckwith Road under the Oak Street Bridge (Richmond)
Filming from 7am to 6pm
02-21 Once Upon a Time Moncton Street between 1st & 3rd Avenues (Steveston, Richmond)
Filming from 8am to 8pm
02-21 Zoo 500 Block Front Street / Front Street Mews (New Westminster)
Filming exteriors from 6pm to 1am (next day)

Yesterday’s Filming Locations

No locations for yesterday were reported.

View Past Vancouver Filming Locations

For a full list of movies and TV shows that are filming in Vancouver/British Columbia right now and what their neon code signs are, check out our In Production page.