Autumn in the Vineyard & Pumpkin Pie Wars: Hallmark’s Fall Harvest

Autumn in the Vineyard

Autumn in the Vineyard and Pumpkin Pie Wars from Hallmark’s Fall Harvest started filming in British Columbia this week. The original movie series will be airing on Saturday nights throughout October.

Autumn in the Vineyard
After just finishing filming Hallmark’s Summer Love in mid-July, Rachael Leigh Cook is back in town for Autumn in the Vineyard. The story is based on the 2013 book of the same name written by Marina Adair.

Autumn in the Vineyard follows Frankie Baudouin, an aspiring wine maker looking to turn the Sorrento Ranch into an award winning winery. Nate DeLuca has the same plans. The trouble is, Frankie doesn’t trust Nate following a very public kiss after which he didn’t call her back. The two have to put their differences aside in order to make their dreams come true, and somewhere along the way, they begin to fall in love.

Production started on Sunday, August 14th with the first 3 days being spent at Singletree Winery in Abbotsford. Not surprisingly, the movie will also be spending some time in BC’s Okanagan Valley. The area is home to around 170 wineries including River Stone Estate Winery in Oliver where Autumn in the Vineyard will film for multiple days. The Okanagan Valley is often compared to California’s Napa Valley where this story is set.

Other notable cast of Autumn in the Vineyard includes Ali Liebert (MECH-X4), Marcus Rosner (When Calls the Heart) and Brendan J. Penny (Motive).

Autumn in the Vineyard will be filming in Vancouver and British Columbia until September 2nd and will premiere Saturday, October 8th at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel in the US.

Pumpkin Pie Wars
Carrie and Sam come from families who have long been rivals in the local pumpkin bake-off. This year, they will be taking over the responsibility of representing their families in the competition. All is well until the two contestants fall in love and try to keep it hidden from their families. They decide to try and unite the two families in hopes of making this year’s pumpkin pie competition the best one yet.

Although there hasn’t been any casting announcements made so far, thanks to @chefbk11, we know that Julie Gonzalo will appear in the movie. Julie’s most known for her role as Pamela Rebecca Barnes on the TNT series Dallas. You may also recognize her from the 2004 movie A Cinderella Story. Update: Eric Aragon (The Perfect Wedding) will also appear in the movie.

Pumpkin Pie Wars will be filming in Vancouver and British Columbia until September 2nd and it will premiere Saturday, October 15th at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel in the US.

For a list of locations used during the filming of Pumpkin Pie Wars, click here.

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