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Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for your favourite comic book shows filmed in Vancouver. The results are in, check them out below!

If you’re into superheroes, or comic book shows in general, Vancouver is the place to be. It never seems to get old spotting masked vigilantes or villains around the city. Right now there are 8 current comic book shows filmed in Vancouver:

Sadly, Lucifer will be leaving Vancouver after season 2 to film in Los Angeles where the show is set. Of the remaining comic book shows filmed in Vancouver, all have been renewed for another season except Legion and iZombie (which has yet to air its most recently filmed season). Although they’re not all guaranteed to return to Vancouver, it’s certainly likely.

It goes without saying that each of these shows have a very loyal fan base. Any time they’re spotted filming on location, there’s sure to be lots of visitors there, hoping to get a glimpse of their favourite actor, or a spoiler of what’s to come in future episodes. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to see which shows are actually your favourites. I have to say, in some cases I was surprised.

So, without further adieu, here’s your winners!

Poll #1: Favourite Arrowverse comic book show filmed in Vancouver

Total votes: 1,086

And the winner is…?


Although it’s not what I personally expected, it was cool to see Arrow take this one by a landslide of almost half the votes. After all, this was the show that really paved the way for the most recent wave of comic book shows filmed in Vancouver. Arrow started filming its first season in Vancouver in 2012 and it premiered on October 10th of that year.

After becoming a success story for The CW, the series spawned The Flash, which began filming in the area in March 2014 and premiered on October 7th. Next up was Legends of Tomorrow, which featured characters from the two aforementioned shows. Legends started filming in September 2015 and it premiered last January. This past summer, Supergirl made the move to Vancouver for season 2 after filming its first season in Los Angeles.

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Here’s how the rest of the results panned out:

Poll #2: Favourite non-Arrowverse comic book show filmed in Vancouver

Total votes: 404

And the winner is…?


Here’s how the rest of the results panned out:

This survey panned out exactly how I thought it would. Since its premiere, Riverdale has been by far the most asked about show through this website and Twitter account. The show also generates an impressive social media buzz when it airs each week. It was no surprise to anyone when Riverdale was given an early renewal for a second season by The CW.

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So what did you think?

Let us know in the comments what you think about the results of our comic book shows filmed in Vancouver surveys!