Harvest Love Filming Locations, Trailer and Premiere

Hallmark Channel original movie Harvest Love starring Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey premieres tonight (Saturday, September 30, 2017) at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel in the US. Check out the official trailer and filming locations below.

Harvest Love from Hallmark stars Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey
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Harvest Love, part of Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest original movie series, filmed in British Columbia from July 24th to August 12th under the working title of Peared With a Kiss. The series features 6 new movies which were all filmed in Canada (5 filmed in BC) including: Falling For Vermont, Harvest Love, All of My Heart: Inn Love, Love Struck Cafe, A Harvest Wedding and Good Witch Spellbound (filmed in Ontario).

Harvest Love Storyline

To help cope with the recent loss of her husband, a Seattle-based surgeon named Luna tries to bury herself in work. Her strategy may have helped to distract her from the pain, but in the process it made her a less than stellar mother to her 9 year old son, Andy. To help make up for some lost time, Luna decides that a getaway is just what the doctor ordered for her and Andy.

Although Andy was reluctant at first, the two set out for a trip to Luna’s family pear farm in Pineview. Upon her return she’s surrounded by nostalgia. She hasn’t visited the farm in years, but she’s flooded with childhood memories and quickly begins to fall in love with the place all over again. And the farm may not be the only thing she winds up loving about being back home.

Luna meets Will, the man who has been managing her parents farm while they’ve been travelling abroad. They may not have gotten off to a great start, but eventually their feelings toward each other become undeniable. Despite how hard Luna tries to avoid the inevitable, Andy and Will start to build a bond, which may just be the icing on the cake. Things are going so well that Luna decides to stay in town for another week so she and Andy can attend the Pineview Fall Harvest Festival, one of the biggest events of the year in the small town.

Luna may still be on vacation, but she finds herself with the responsibility of helping with the harvest after Will gets stuck in Seattle on one of the most critical days of the season. Thanks to the lessons in honouring heritage that Will taught her, things go pretty smoothly. So much so that a competition for Overall Best Pear breaks out between Luna’s family farm and a former rival. In the end the town could find itself a new champion, and a new doctor.

Harvest Love Cast

Here’s a roundup of the cast of the movie, thanks in part to the movie’s IMDb page:

Actor Role You may know them from
Ryan Paevey Will Nash Unleashing Mr. Darcy, General Hospital
Jen Lilley Luna Gilson A Dash of Love, Days of Our Lives
Brenden Sunderland Andy Gilson
Lini Evans Grace Gilson Walking the Dog, Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Bates Motel
Chiara Zanni Nicole Reed Ms. Matched, Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder
Aaron Craven Tom Reed Somewhere Between, Ties That Bind, The Convenient Groom
Noel Johansen Ronald Somewhere Between, All of My Heart: Inn Love

Harvest Love Official Trailer

Where was Harvest Love Filmed?

Here are some of the filming locations where Harvest Love was spotted:

  • 6624 Bradner Road (Abbotsford)
  • Thomas Haney Secondary School (Maple Ridge)
  • Ladner Village (Delta)
  • Aldor Acres Farm & Pumpkin Patch (Langley)

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Don’t miss the premiere of Harvest Love tonight (Saturday, September 30, 2017) at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel in the US.