Travelers Season 1 Sneak Peek, Cast and Vancouver Filming Locations

Travelers Season 2 Starts Filming in Vancouver this week

Travelers season 1 makes its Canadian premiere tonight at 9pm on Showcase. Check out a roundup of the cast, over 30 of the show’s Vancouver area filming locations and a 9 minute sneak peek of episode 1 below.

Travelers is a joint venture between Canada’s Showcase channel and Netflix. It was created and written by Brad Wright, a Toronto native who also created the Stargate franchise. The series follows a group of humans from the future who send their consciousness back through time. They take over the bodies and lives of people in the present day in order to save the world from a horrible outcome.

Travelers Season 1 Cast

The cast of Travelers Season 1 features a number of Canadian actors including Toronto’s Eric McCormack (Will & Grace, Perception), Alberta’s Patrick Gilmore (SGU Stargate Universe) and MacKenzie Porter (Hell on Wheels), and Manitoba native Jared Abrahamson (Awkward, Hello Destroyer). Here’s a roundup of many of the cast via IMdB:

Actor Role You may know them from
Eric McCormack Grant MacLaren Perception, Will & Grace
MacKenzie Porter Marc Warton Hell on Wheels
Patrick Gilmore David Mailer The Cabin in the Woods, Gracepoint, SGU Stargate Universe
Nesta Cooper Carly Shannon Heroes Reborn, The Edge of Seventeen
Jared Abrahamson Trever Holden Awkward, Hello Destroyer
Reilly Dolman Philip Pearson Scarecrow, Flicka 2
Leah Cairns Kathryn Maclaren Interstellar, 88 Minutes, Battlestar Galactica
J. Alex Brinson Jeff Conniker Supernatural
Dylan Playfair Kyle Some Assembly Required, Haters Back Off
William MacDonald Gary Holden Rogue, Slither
Jennifer Spence Grace Day You Me Her, Continuum
Kristine Cofsky Officer Boyd No Men Beyond This Point, In No Particular Order
Glynis Davies Jacqueline Peele Rogue, SGU Stargate Universe
Jason Gray-Stanford Donner
Yasmeene Ball Role Supernatural, The Tree That Saved Christmas

Travelers Filming Locations

Travelers Season 1 filmed in Vancouver and area from March 29th to July 19th. The series was based out of the former Canada Post Building in downtown Vancouver which has become studio space for many productions in the area including The Romeo Section, Van Helsing, Dead Rising 2 and more. The show also spent a lot of time filming on location; primarily around downtown Vancouver, but they were occasionally spotted elsewhere.

Here’s 32 locations where Travelers season 1 filmed around metro Vancouver:

  • 100 Powell Street (Gastown, Vancouver)
  • 1833 Collingwood Street (Vancouver)
  • 3543 West 2nd Avenue (Vancouver)
  • 199 East 17th Avenue (Vancouver)
  • 3150 Main Street (Vancouver)
  • 3543 West 2nd Avenue (Vancouver)
  • 402 West Pender Street (Vancouver)
  • 400-500 Block Richards Street and nearby alley (Vancouver)
  • 600 Block Homer Street (Vancouver)
  • 685 Hamilton Street (Vancouver)
  • 505 Hamilton Street (Vancouver)
  • 700 Vernon Drive near Adanac Street (Vancouver)
  • Britannia Shipyards (Steveston)
  • Cathedral Plaza (Vancouver)
  • China Creek North Park near Vancouver Community College (VCC) (Vancouver)
  • Dyke Road West of Gilbert Road, near Steveston (Richmond)
  • Easy Park at 160 Water Street (Vancouver)
  • 200 West Hastings Street Alley (Vancouver)
  • Woodward’s Plaza & Alley (Vancouver)
  • Former Canada Post Building (Vancouver)
  • Ironworks Studio on Alexander Street (Vancouver)
  • Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Gilbert Road (Richmond)
  • Mountain View Cemetery (Vancouver)
  • Parkwell Plaza Parkade 655 Richards Street (Vancouver)
  • Red Rose Antiques on Street (Vancouver)
  • 4367 Quebec Street (Vancouver)
  • Stoke’s Pit, 196th Street and 28th Avenue (Surrey)
  • Train on Main and Main Street at 37th Street (Vancouver)
  • Vancouver Community College (VCC) Downtown Campus
  • Stadium Skytrain Station (Vancouver)
  • Vancouver Public Library (Vancouver)
  • Smile Cafe on West Pender Street (Vancouver)
  • City Centre Library (Surrey) via Rob in the comments below
  • Blieberger Farm (Langley)

Travelers Season 1 Sneak Peak

Be sure to check out the premiere of Travelers season 1 tonight at 9pm on Showcase channel in Canada. In the meantime, here’s a 9+ minute sneak preview released earlier today by Showcase.

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Travelers Season 1 will premiere later this year anywhere Netflix is available.

  • Jan

    Does anyone know where the library scene was filmed in the first episode? Was it Vancouver Cruise Ship Terminal or the Convention Center?

    • Rob Telford

      That had me intrigued too. After a bit of detective work, it’s the City Centre Library in Surrey BC

      • whatsfilming

        Thanks Rob, good find! The Surrey City Centre is a very popular filming location lately.

  • Angelyne Després

    Why do the travelers believe in god since they are from the future where we should have had evolved to stop believing in witchcraft. The show lost me on episode 6 were religion kicked in and became invasive in every episodes. Sci-Fi and religion is such a bad combination.

    • JoAnna

      Are you trolling? WTF are you talking about? There is no religion in this show. Are you talking about the “Director” ROFL. The Director is the computer program that tells them what to do. Everything is decided by the director who has calculated the best strategy. Trying paying attention next time. There’s a big difference.

  • Jus_Wonderin

    Was the farm also in Continuum? I see another farm house shared with Timeless and Travelers (where the kidnapped boy is held) and Timeless meets The Lone Ranger.

    • whatsfilming

      Just looked into this – the farmhouse in episode 1×12 of Timeless is at Blieberger Farm in Langley. It gets used very often – it can be seen in X-Files, Once Upon a Time and Dirk Gently to name a few. I’m not sure about the other one – will have to investigate that further!

      • Jus_Wonderin

        Thanks so much