Predator Reboot From Shane Black & Hallmark’s Like Cats and Dogs Start Filming

Image via Shane Black / @BonafideBlack on Twitter

This week, Shane Black’s Predator reboot and Hallmark’s Like Cats and Dogs and start filming in Vancouver and British Columbia.

The Predator (aka Ollie) (Feature)
After originally being scheduled to start filming in Vancouver in October of last year, production on Shane Black’s Predator reboot finally starts today. Shane is best known as the creator of the Lethal Weapon movie series as well as directing/writing the screenplay for Iron Man 3. He’s no stranger to the Predator franchise though, having played the role of Hawkins in the 1987 movie while providing support and guidance to the rookie director John McTiernan.

In an interview with, Shane describes the Predator reboot script he and Fred Dekker wrote as being part of the original mythos. According to The Hollywood Reporter, unlike what Predator fans may be used to, this movie will be set in suburbia and will include several fierce alien hunter killers. Full plot details have not been revealed yet.

The Predator reboot had originally planned to have Benicio Del Toro as the lead, but he was later replaced by Narcos star Boyd Holbrook. Here’s a roundup of the cast that have been announced so far via The Hollywood Reporter:

Actor Role You may know them from
Boyd Holbrook Ex-Marine Narcos, Gone Girl, Milk
Olivia Munn Scientist Office Christmas Party, The Newsroom, X-Men: Apocalypse, Miles From Tomorrowland
Keegan-Michael Key Ex-Marine MADtv, Let’s Be Cops, Tomorrowland
Trevante Rhodes Ex-Marine/friend of Boyd Holbrook’s character If Loving You Is Wrong
Jacob Tremblay Son of Boyd Holbrook’s character Room, Shut In
Sterling K. Brown Government Agent The People v. O.J. Simpson, This Is Us
Thomas Jane The Expanse, The Mist
Alfie Allen Ex-Marine Game of Thrones
Yvonne Strahovski Mother of Jacob Tremblay’s character/ex-wife of Boyd Holbrook’s character Dexter, Chuck, 24: Live Another Day
Augusto Aguilera Chasing Life
Jake Busey Starship Troopers, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Shane Black shared a couple of picture of some of the cast on his Twitter account:

Vancouver’s own Jacob Tremblay has been busy ever since his breakout performance in the 2015 film Room with Brie Larson which was filmed in the Toronto area. He was back home in Vancouver for a leading role in Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson which just wrapped up filming in Vancouver and area last September.

The Predator reboot is scheduled to continue filming in Vancouver and British Columbia until May 15th.

Like Cats and Dogs (TV Movie)
Cat owners and dog owners are often very different types of people. This couldn’t be more true with Spencer and Lola. Spencer is in town to meet an online date and Lola is in the same town to escape reality for a little while. Thanks to a booking mishap, the 2 strangers find themselves forced the share the same vacation rental house. If that weren’t enough, Spencer’s cat and Lola’s dog are joining them too. Although their guards are up and the situation is not ideal, all 4 find a way to make it work, and a romance eventually transpires.

Like Cats and Dogs was announced alongside 2 other dog-themed movies, Walking the Dog and Love at First Bark, during this year’s TCA press tour. Walking the Dog filmed on Vancouver Island during late 2016 while Love at First Bark just wrapped up at the beginning of February. The announcement was no surprise after the huge success of Unleashing Mr. Darcy which premiered during Hallmark’s 2016 Winterfest campaign; the film drew 3 million total viewers during its premiere alone.

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Cassidy Gifford (The Gallows), Wyatt Nash (Hollywood Heights) and British Columbia based actors Drew Tanner (Date With Love), Jacky Lai (Beyond) and Nelson Wong (American Mary) are among the cast for the movie. Like Cats and Dogs will be filming in Vancouver and British Columbia until March 10th and premieres April 15th at 9pm on Hallmark Channel in the US as part of the network’s Spring Fling movie series. The movie is set in a small beach town, so perhaps we’ll see some of British Columbia’s beautiful coastline featured in the movie.

Also Starting This Week

Igniting Old Flames (TV Movie)
Filming until March 8th

Reboot: The Guardian Code (TV Series)
Cast: Luvia Petersen
Filming in Saanichton/Victoria and area until April 3rd.

For a full list of what’s filming in Vancouver and British Columbia right now, check out our In Production page.

Wrapping Up This Week

If you see any of these productions, including the Predator reboot or Like Cats and Dogs filming in Vancouver and British Columbia, be sure to let us know by tweeting us (@WhatsFilming) or via our Submit a Location page.